The Sewerin RMLD-IS (Methane Leak Detector) is the first device in a generation of laser gas detection devices that make it possible to work in an entirely new way. The RMLD-IS can be used to check areas that are hard to access. As the RMLD-IS laser beam passes through a methane cloud, it absorbs a specific range of the infrared light. This makes it possible for the user to detect the leak from a safe distance. This device is designed exclusively for detecting methane and has no cross-sensitivity with respect to other hydrocarbons. Gas concentration is calculated according to the amount of infrared light absorbed by the gas. If the gas cloud has a spread of 1 m and a concentration of 100 ppm, the resulting reading is 100 ppm*m. However, if a gas cloud with a concentration of 100 ppm is only 0.5 m wide, the measured value is 50 ppm*m. Methane Leak Detector SUPPLIER IN SAUDI ARAB