Sewerin - Technology leader for gas and water leak detector in saudi arab Landfill Gas detector for Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide Maximize methane production and protect the power generator from harmful levels of hydrogen sulfide Multitec 540H2S Methane Biogas monitor Multitec 540 The Sewerin Multitec 540 and Multitec 545 measure 5 common biogases precisely for monitoring or control of biogas processes. Built in infrared sensors measure methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide without errors causes by other gases. Optional electro chemical sensors for oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide provide more complete monitoring. Simultaneously measure concentrations of 5 gases: hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Methane (CH4), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO) Display: Large 4.3" display with Backlight clearly shows all measurements at once even in direct sunlight. Methane and carbon dioxide measurements are include in all 540 and 545 models. Electro-chemical sensors for hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and carbon monoxide are optional. Save measurements for convenient transfer by USB port to PC with free software Certified explosion protection User friendly large control knob and keys and easy to read screen Powered by AA rechargeable or disposable batteries Power: 7 hour battery life, four hour charge time, continuously powered / charged in dock port Multitec 545 The Sewerin Multitec 545 includes all the other features of the Multitec 540 plus the Multitec 545 measures hydrogen sulfide, H2S up to 5000 ppm while the Multitec 540 measures up to 2000 ppm. Gas Symbol Gas Name Multitec 540 Multitec 545 Sensor Type CH4 Methane 0 - 100% vol. 0 - 100% vol. Infrared CO2 Carbon dioxide 0 - 100% vol. 0 - 100% vol. Infrared O2 Oxygen 0 - 25% vol. 0 - 25% vol. Electro-chemical H2S Hydrogen sulfide 0 - 2000 ppm 0 - 5000 ppm Electro-chemical CO Carbon monoxide 0 - 500 ppm 0 - 500 ppm Electro-chemical Biogas Multitec BioControl for Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide brochure Biogas Sewerin BioControl monitoring system video Multitec BioControl 2, 4, 8H2S Methane Biogas BioControl 2 4 8 The advantages of fixed and portable biogas monitor and control all-in-one portable monitor. The portable Multitec 540 / 545 slides into the docking bay on BioControl 2, 4 or 8 fixed monitoring station. Easily and quickly discount the Multitec 540 / 545 to monitor remote locations, other fixed locators or ship the small unit for maintenance instead of hiring a service technician at much high cost and delay. Instead the much higher cost of having a fixed monitor for each monitoring / control site, simply slide or connect the Sewerin Multitec 540 / 545 into each location. Long sampling lines to remote points of the plant cost a lot to install and introduce errors due to changes during transport to the central monitor site. The flexible portable / fixed Multitec 540 / 545 easily moves to wherever you need it. Automatically saves all measurements and settings internally with easy copy to USB stick 7" color touch screen Flexible configuration: Choose measurement locations, cycles, recording intervals, limits, alarms thresholds Setting history transferred to USP stick Fixed unit nearly maintenance free. Portable easily removable Multitec 540 / 545 easily shipped for maintenance. All relevant parts resistance aggressive gases Password protected Sewerin Biogas Products: Multitec 520 Multitec 540 Multitec 545 Multitec 560 PORAFID M3K EX-TEC PM 4 EX-TEC SNOOPER 4 LaserGASPatroller LGP 800