Ilme Plugs, Sockets & Inter-Locked Socket Outlets ILME Plugs, Sockets & Interlocked Sockets Outlets ILME plugs, sockets and interlocked socket outlets for industrial, hazardous area (ATEX certified), marine and general low voltage power distribution, control, protection and signalling devices. Also : Marechal Plugs & Sockets - T&D UK Stockists ILME Industrial Overview - Industrial distribution boards, Industrial socket outlets, Industrial plugs, Industrial enclosures, Protection and signalling devices, Lighting appliances, Control devices, Protection devices, Inter-locked socket outlets, Mobile plug and socket outlets, Straight plugs. ILME ATEX Overview - ATEX plugs, ATEX inter-locked sockets, ATEX enclosures, ATEX protection and signalling devices, ATEX lighting.